Martinez & Flash Douglas

Wo Bierhübeli
Neubrückstrasse 43
3012 Bern
Wann Mittwoch, 02. Oktober 2019
ab 20:00
Typ Konzert

Live: Martinez & Flash Douglas

Beschrieb des Veranstalters Enter the world of Martinez and sidekick Flash Douglas, ironic superheroes on a road trip to a new life. Leaving it all behind, travelling the road ahead, the ups and downs. Beauty is everpresent., and obstacles unavoidable. Wheels turning, the journey is a musical odyssey, with sunny notes from Martinez’s guitar and pedal effects, sustained by Flash Douglas’ amplified bass and acoustic beat percussions. An uplifting yet nostalgic voyage through a variety of emotions and diverging paths, with multiple musical interludes. Tiny color matching pianos for each cartoon like protagonist liven the mood, creating a catchy visual and sound very much their own. She is pure white, he is red. A childish, playful nature leads the improbable duo on an amusing path of sound and color.


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